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Orders Outside Italy

orders outside italy - spedizioni in italia e fuori

If you want to place orders outside Italy from our shop you need to write us. This because our plants are different one from the other, even the same type of products. These small details are really important because leaves, the trunk and the branches could be longer, heavier and growed in different position.

For this reasons, we don’t have a flat rate for the international shipping and we need to check it for every single order.

So check the following instructions to place the order:

  • Visit our store and write in the message box below the name of the plants that you want to order and the quantity (for example: Cotoneaster Microphyllus – Cuore x2) and fill in the form with the requested information;
  • Wait for our response with the Invoice and the instructions for the payment within 24 hours.
  • Make the Payment
  • After the payment, we’ll ship the order and we’ll tell you the estimated time when your package will reach you!

This process, is necessary to make the plants arrive to you in excellent condition, without anything broken during the shipping.

Fill in the form below for your orders outside Italy.